Why I write book reviews

I have been writing book reviews for The Best Books Ever for several months now. It’s proven to be a great opportunity for me. Not only do I get to read and review great books, but usually those books are ARCs that have not been released to the public yet! I would never be able to read so many great kids and teen books if I had to pay for them all or wait for them to appear in my local library.

Writing book reviews is a great exercise. It helps me figure out what it is that I value in good books, which helps me in writing my own. It also keeps me on top of the latest crazes and trends in the publishing world, which is always good for authors to do.

Writing for an established website gives me more credibility as a reviewer, and that gets my name out there even more. Although I sometimes take on more books than I can keep up with, I don’t regret my decision to join the ladies over at The Best Books Ever. Why don’t you check us out? We don’t just review books for teens and kids!


Have a Picture Book You’d Like Me To Review?

Do you have a children’s picture book you’d like me to review? If you have a hard copy or digital ARC you’d be willing to send me, I may be able to review it in return! I will post the review on my blog and cross-post to Goodreads, Amazon.com, Twitter and Facebook. NOTE: At this time I am only accepting picture books due to time restraints.

To be considered, please send me an email to crystaleecalderwood@gmail.com, with the following information:

  • Title of Book:
  • Author’s Name:
  • Publisher:
  • Type of Publisher (Small press, self published, etc)*
  • Date Published:
  • Age Range:
  • Short summary of the book:

* I obviously can’t review every book that comes my way. For that reason, I am currently limiting reviews for this site to picture books. I am also more likely to review books published by traditional publishing houses and small presses over self-published books, unless you wow me with your summary. Thanks for understanding!